Annual Camps

One of the best things in the Air Cadets are the camps. They run during Easter, Summer and occasionally Autumn to active RAF bases around the UK. The most recent camp was RAF Digby in Summer. Camps tie together all the different activities from Flying and Gliding to Fieldcraft and Shooting as well as allowing you to take part in events you would rarely do with your own squadron such as tours around aircraft, assault courses and overseas flights. There is always a large night exercise on one of the evenings which can be one of the highlights of the camp.

Camps are also a brilliant way to get to know cadets form other squadrons; there are usually around 4/5 different squadrons on camp. There is an inter-flight competition to see who the best cadets are and there is an awards ceremony at the end of the week. Donít be worried about a week being yelled at however. The evenings are usually your own time and the NCOís are there to have fun as well. The food is usually excellent on RAF bases and the resident staff are always welcoming. Not bad considering it costs around £50 for the week. Don't miss out, go on camp.