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What can we offer you?

As an Air Cadet you are open to a fantastic range of activities that you otherwise may not be able to enjoy. You can go powered flying in the Grob Tutor as well as gliding in the Viking. There is also the oppertunity to gain weapons qualifications and learn marksmanship skills. We also do lots of fieldcraft and night exercises alongside radio and communications. There are also oppertunities to play sports through the Air Cadets and go on to Wing or Region teams.

As well as our standard parade nights, we often run weekend or day courses as well as week long camps at RAF bases. These enable you to do much of the above and more. We have a fantastic range of greens camps covering everything from how to fight a battle to absaling and kayaking. We also organise skiing trips to Europe and more. Achieve your potential, join the Air Cadets!

Get Involved

We realise that every cadet is different and enjoys different things. Thats why we offer such a fantastic range of activities to suit everyone. It's down to you to get involved in everything and get the most out of your time with us. With a brilliant range of qualifications and experiances, you will be amazed how much you nearly missed out on.